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The Yoga Mindset Program

Who are these books and this course for? These books and the related 8-week Course is for anyone ready to hit the reset button on their life. Specifically, it's for anyone looking to increase their strength, flexibility and balance AND decrease their overall physical pain, stress and anxiety through a simple 3-step daily movement practice that takes just 15 minutes a day. The book is designed to be a  7 day challenge to help you jumpstart that renewed vision of the best (or a better!) version of yourself and your life! 

The Book: Now available on Amazon, in The Yoga Mindset, you’ll learn how to implement a daily 15-minute movement, meditation and manifestation practice to bring about the life of your dreams, as you define it. 

The Journal: Also now available on Amazon, with additional journal prompts, The Yoga Mindset Journal is the companion to the book that will help the you go deeper in each of the 8 chapters and document your journey each step of the way.

The 8-Week Yoga Mindset Course: This online and interactive 8-week Self-Paced, Group or 1:1 Course will  guide you in taking the theory of The Yoga Mindset into practice in real time through weekly lessons connected to the chapters, companion videos, an additional e-Book, weekly Group Coaching sessions, a Primary Yoga Instructor Certificate and/or a Primary Yoga Mindset Coach Certificate.  Everything you need to both manage your physical body and mindset as well as start teaching or coaching others, as well. You can click the link to sign up and get started, or you can watch the "FREE 25 Minute Masterclass" and then signup for a call with us using the Calendly information provided at the end of the Materclass. 

Interested in the course, but want to dip a toe into the water first? Register for the FREE 3-Day Yoga Mindset Challenge or the FREE 25 Minute Masterclass for an introduction on how to move, meditate and manifest to start your journey. Click below on one or both of the options below to register for FREE!
“…I always look forward to Michelle’s yoga class as it relaxes my body, increases mobility and buoys my spirit – so important as we age.” 
 -Susan Hayden, Personal Training & Yoga Client
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