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Eric Edmeades (Creator of WILDFIT) on Michelle's The Yoga Mindset  

“As people get older, they often start to lose flexibility; mentally and physically. It doesn’t have to be that way. 
If you are at all curious about feeling younger for longer, then check out The Yoga Mindset. Far from a simple book of yoga poses, Michelle has tapped into something stronger; changing the relationship you have with your body.” 

Greg S. (A Running Program Finisher!) 
on Coach Dan's Running For The Rest of Us Program

"Don’t be fooled. This program looks like a running program for beginners and it is, but there is so much more going on. Coach Dan trained us for a 5K using his patented ‘run pain free from day one’ method but on a deeper lever, we learned to overcome obstacles, enjoy the journey- “the marathon of life,” relieve stress, add confidence, and gain health benefits. We were meant to move and running has far more benefits than just physical ones. It turns out that we all gained benefits- physically, emotionally, mentally, and saw other areas of our lives improve. I chose Coach Dan and if you do the same, you’ll get so much more than a 5K finisher’s medal."

Patricia H. (ER & Trauma Nurse) on Michelle's The Yoga Mindset 

“I attended Michelle’s yoga classes for three years and always walked away feeling stronger, calmer and more energized.
Her consistent focus on both spirit and mind coming together in her classes is what makes her an outstanding teacher.”

Katie B. (A Running Program Finisher!)
on Coach Dan's Running For The Rest of Us Program

"8 weeks ago I was talked into trying out this running program. I declined numerous times because running has always been my nemesis. I've tried several programs in the past and have quit every time. I had zero confidence that this would turn out any differently. I finally agreed to try it. I can honestly say that I'm so glad I did. I completed my first 5k today. 8 weeks ago, I would have told you, NOPE! Never goanna happen. Running is not for me. Turns out I was wrong. This is the first time in my life that I've actually found enjoyment in running. I'm super excited about the possibilities for my future in running. I definitely plan on continuing this journey. Looking forward to what comes next!"

Larry C. (Yoga Client) on Michelle's The Yoga Mindset 

“My wife signed me up for Michelle Bryan’s Yoga Training. After the first lesson, and doing the demonstrated stretches, my knees felt better! Her way of teaching allowed me to understand the movements and continue practicing at home independently. Learning how the body aligns encouraged me to evaluate my posture when standing and sitting at work, 
as well. I’m ready to tackle more yoga!”

Njeri M. (A Running Program Finisher!) 
on Coach Dan's Running For The Rest of Us Program

“Being from Kenya, the expectation was that I was automatically supposed to know how to run, but that was not the case…
PLUS I was fighting bad knees. I listened to coach Dan’s encouragement and embraced the tips.
Initially, I couldn’t imagine running a 5K, but I did it, and it was an awesome feeling!”

Renee R. (Yoga Client) on Michelle's The Yoga Mindset 

“The transformative power of Michelle’s yoga classes is truly remarkable.They have enhanced my health, strength, and total well-being. I absolutely love and look forward to practicing yoga with Michelle every week!”

Irish S. (A Running Program Finisher!) 
on Coach Dan's Running For The Rest of Us Program

“"I’m a longtime runner and know what makes a good running coach and Dan Bryan is the coach’s coach for beginners. His ability to successfully take people from hating running to loving it is nothing short of amazing. The secret is in his pain free training method. If you hate the idea of running but like the idea of gaining the tremendous benefits of running, Coach Dan is for you."

Melody C. (Yoga Client) on Michelle's The Yoga Mindset 

“This training gave me tips on how to increase my balance and improve my strength, but the real bonus was the Instructor, Michelle Bryan. She clearly explained the reason for each pose and movement and conveyed the mindfulness that is an equally important part of yoga. This Training exceeded my expectations with the organization and my personal results. I would be interested in a similar small group setting to learn strengthening with yoga!”

Sandy G. (A Running Program Finisher!)
on Coach Dan's Running For The Rest of Us Program

“Coach Dan took my reservations about running and turned them into a whole big world of joy. He launched me from the Couch to 5K program to being a half-marathon finisher. Because of his program, I made amazing friends, and have a special running buddy. When it comes to running, we ask ourselves, ‘What would Dan do?” He set in motion not only our feet, but also a ‘We can do this’ attitude that we can continue to apply to our runs and our lives.”

Barbara T. (Yoga Client) on Michelle's The Yoga Mindset 

“Frustrated with tight hips that prevented me from playing comfortably on the floor with my grandchildren, I enrolled in Michelle's "6-week Yoga for Tight Hips & Back Pain Small Group Training". Her Sunday morning class was amazing, relaxing and improved both my hip flexibility and back in ways I didn't know I needed. I truly appreciated that Michelle met each student where they were on their fitness and spiritual journey. Michelle provided a very helpful notebook that walked through each yoga pose so that we could continue the practice on our own. My only disappointment? The class ended ... I would continue going forever if available! Giving my hardiest recommendation to Michelle and her class!"

Hannah S. (A Running Program Finisher!)
on Coach Dan's Running For The Rest of Us Program

"Before joining this group I would only run occasionally without consistency and hadn't run a 5K in several years. I would pass up opportunities to sign up for 5Ks since I didn't have confidence to complete them anymore and time to train. The biggest hurdle this program with Coach Dan helped me with was developing healthy habits, a positive mindset, and confidence in running consistently each week and pacing myself during runs. It took less time than I thought. This confidence also helped me in life."

Susan H. (Yoga Client) on Michelle's The Yoga Mindset 

“I’m a ‘senior’, and quite new to yoga, but I always look forward to Michelle’s yoga class as it relaxes my body, increases mobility and buoys my spirit - so important as we age!”

Christine H. (A Running Program Finisher!)
on Coach Dan's Running For The Rest of Us Program

“Coach Dan not only taught me the fundamentals of running, but also the entire process along the way. Because of his coaching, I have been able to run multiple 5Ks and even a half marathon.”

Theresa W. (Yoga Client) on Michelle's The Yoga Mindset 

“Prior to Michelle, I avoided exercise like the plague! Though Michelle has made working out a challenge, she has made it enjoyable at the same time.” 

Emily S. (A Running Program Finisher!)
on Coach Dan's Running For The Rest of Us Program

"Running For the Rest of Us for inspired me to get back into running again! I tried to get back into exercising and running on my own but could not seem to get back into a consistent routine, as work and life would get in the way. Once I joined the group, I had accountability and looked forward to running and hearing Coach Dan’s amazing running tips and advice." 
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