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The Book - In Running for the Rest of Us, you’ll discover FUN, simple, proven 8- and 12-Week Training Plans and solutions to the most common problems for runners. Coach Dan will also share his breakthrough secrets to help you prepare for your first 5K run. 



The Past: Permanent/Unalterable 
Running with Physical Pain  
Befuddled Beginnings 
Apparel Problems 
Equipment Confusion 
Race Fuel Quagmire 
Mental Hurdles  
Race Day Jitters  
Training Schedule Bewilderment 


The Past: Lesson for Improvement
The Secrets of Running Pain-Free
Training Clarity
Proper Apparel 
Equipment Clarity 
Race Fuel Foundation
Positive Paradigm 
Race Day Confidence
Training Schedule Deciphered

The Running Program

Want more than our book to learn to run PAIN FREE FROM DAY ONE ?

Join An 8-Week Running Program. We have 4 Options:

1) The Bronze Program:
A do-it-yourself (DYI) option utilizing our online training library (click "The Bronze Program") to learn more and get started today.

2) The Silver Program: 8-Week online and interactive training with other runners, and lead by Coach Dan.
3) The Gold Program:    8 or 12-Week 1-on-1 private training with Coach Dan.
Learn more about these options by clicking the "Silver & Gold Program" and after watching our Free 20+ minute masterclass on painfree running, signup for a call with us using the Calendly information provided at the end of the video.

Option 4) Interested in the program but want to dip a toe into the water first? Register for our FREE 3-Day "Run Your First 5K' challenge (click the link below) and we'll introduce you to the world of running over 3 days, after which you can decide if you want to sign up for our program. You have nothing to lose so give us a try! 
“Being from Kenya, the expectation was that I was automatically supposed to know how to run, but that was not the case…
I couldn’t imagine running a 5K, but I did it, and it was an awesome feeling!”
-Njeri M, Running Program Client
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